The Danger of Fluoride in Your Water


Fluoride is found naturally in low concentration in drinking water and food. However, when the doses are too high, fluoride can threaten our health. Independent research by scientist has shown the threats imposed by fluoride:

 1. Affect IQ

In 1995, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix published a research proving how fluoride can built up in brains of animals when exposed to moderate levels. Damage to the brain occurred and the behavior pattern of the animal was adversely affected.

 2. Neurotoxic

Neurotoxic occurs when the exposure to natural or artificial toxic substances, which are called neurotoxins, alters the normal activity of the nervous system in such a way as to cause damage to nervous tissue. This can eventually disrupt or even kill neurons, key cells that transmit and process signals in the brain and other parts of the nervous system.

3. Cancer

The Department of Health in New Jersey found that bone cancer in boys was seven times greater in areas where water was fluoridated.

4. Birth Defects and Prenatal Deaths

A toxicologist in the United Kingdom recently found that prenatal deaths in a fluoridated area was 15% higher than in non – fluoridated areas.

5. Acute Adverse Reactions

Several studies have shown that fluoridated water can often cause acute adverse reactions effect in addition to the chronic poisoning discussed below. Some of the effects seen include: gastrointestinal symptoms, stomatitis, joint pains, polydipsia, headaches, visual disturbances, muscular weakness, and extreme tiredness.

6. Permanent Disfigurement of Teeth in Many Children

A very large and increasing number of children are experiencing dental fluorosis, which is a permanent adverse structural change to the teeth.

Water is created to make our life easier. However, complication can occur whenever water is intentionally or unintentionally polluted by chemicals. Therefore, you need to ensure the water used in daily basis is free of hazardous chemical.


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