What EVI ???

EVI is the best filter init class with the VORTECH TECHNOLOGY from USA…

EVI filtration system is designed for whole house water treatment. Apart from its ability to reduce chlorine, iron-staining*  and some other harmful chemicals, EVI is also equipped with the revolutionary Vortech Distribution Technology from the US. EVI comes with a 5 years warranty**  and is definitely a great choice for simple and effective filtration system for your home.
*Additional equipment may be required based on iron levels and type.
**5 years limited warranty.

Process of Filtration

Vortech Distribution Technology utilizes a more efficient distributor plate design to improve system efficiency. When compared to the traditional cone & gravel technology, Vortech Distribution Technlogy can saves up to 30% more time and water during backwash. This is possible because the unique design in Vortech Distribution Technology provides greater “lift” and “action” throughout the entire tank during backwash, leading to cleaner backwash results. The traditional cone and gravel technology, on the other hand, allows minimum water movement during backwash, limiting cleaning action during backwash.

With Vortech Distribution Technology, EVI filtration system will provide the following advantages:
•    Uses 30% less water during backwash.
•    Shorter wait time for backwash.
•    Longer lasting filter media due to cleaner backwash.
•    No channeling of media, providing a cleaner and more efficient system.
•    Self-cleaning nozzles.

Test done in US labolatories has proven that Vortech Distribution Technology uses less water during backwash when compared to other common technology. Only 27 litres of water per minute is used  during backwash by Vortech Distribution Technology. Compared to the regular 49 litres per minute used during backwash, Vortech Distribution Technology saves up to 22 litres of water per minute.
Operational System

Manual and Otomatic                          


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