Truth : Reverse Osmosis removes inorganic minerals which are UNHEALTHY

Reverse Osmosis systems do remove minerals from tap water.  However, we humans get the vast majority of our minerals from the foods we eat, not from drinking water.  For example, 1 glass of orange juice has the same amount of minerals as 30 gallons of tap water.

Another thing they don’t mention is the type of minerals found in water.  Tap water contains only inorganic minerals which cannot be properly absorbed by our bodies.  Human beings need organic minerals which are only available from living organism like plants and vegetables and are easily absorbed by our systems.  The inorganic minerals found in water has little to no benefits to people and in fact are actually detrimental to our health.

It is estimated that over a 60-year lifespan, a person drinking tap or mineral water will be ingesting about 200 to 300 pounds of rock that their body cannot use.  (These are the so-called “healthy minerals” that RO detractors complain are being taken out of water!)  While most of these minerals will be eliminated, some will be stored in our tissues becoming toxic.  The primary culprits are calcium salts and over time they can cause gallstones,kidney stones, bone & joint calcification, arthritis and hardening and blocking our arteries.

“What the human body cannot utilize or excrete, it must store.  Consequently, the inorganic salts (inorganic minerals ) are stored and in time take their toll in the form of hardeing of the arteries, stones within the kidneys, urethras, gall bladder, joints and etiologic factor in enlargement of the adipose cell (fat cell).  To be one hundred percent healthy, the human body must be free of inorganic minerals.”

Paul C Bragg ND, PhD.

World Renowned Nutrinionist, Pioneer in America’s Wellness movement


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